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High Tea Nature package


0.45 pm - Reception with coffee
You will be welcomed with coffee or tea with gingerbread

1.15 pm - Guided Cruise Weerribben Wieden
A cruise of about 1 hour & 45 minutes to 2 hours, where you sail under the guidance of a skipper / guide through the historic village center, over the lake `t Bovenwijde and through nature reserve" de Wieden ". This is extensively told about the flora and fauna and history of this beautiful area.

3:15 pm - High Tea
Upon your return there is an extensive High tea ready for you consisting of: Various English blends, Muffins, Scones, Sweet and savory sandwiches, Cake, Quiches, Tartelettes, Luxury cookies, Sweet pastries, Toast with Cheddar Traditional bread, marmalade, clotted cream.

08 December 2019:
12:45 - 17:15

price children 0 x € 26.50 = 0.00
Price adults 2 x € 39.00 = 78.00

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selected date: 8 December 2019
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High Tea  Nature package